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Introducing the Champ Plan by Champion Health

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My Employees love it. And other Piggly Wiggly Owners, they love it as well. To anybody who’s considering it, I just think it's that important for employers to take advantage of this, because I save a lot of money, in fact thousands of dollars on a monthly basis. And it went by really simply, as probably one of the easiest transitions we've ever had. It's been better since year one, year two was better, year three was even better. So the savings keep coming in for us, and for the employees, and they get all the benefits of the Champ Plan. To me, its a no brainer. Save yourself tons of money, save your employees money, give them the best benefits. Really, what do you have to lose? Get on the plan, see for yourself, after one year you'll say to yourself, god i wish I would started years ago"

Curt’s Piggly Wiggly

The Champ Plan is something that I believe every business is going to be doing in the future. Our biggest fear was in rolling this out. How do we get employees to understand Champ, and look at this health stuff to get their benefits and pay increase? Would it be easy to enroll them? Would it be easy to explain to them? Will my HR team have to handle this? Steve and Champ did everything, made it super easy. So it's not anything that you have to worry about from that perspective, which has been a load off of my plate. So I support Champ, and I appreciate the partnership, and I always love saving money as a business owner, and that's what this does.”

As one of only a handful of IRS certified PEO's in the United States, our business is providing Human Resources and Payroll to over 50,000+ lives around the United States. As a result, compliance was at the heart as the most important factor of our decision to participate in the CHAMP plan. After carefully reviewing all the inner workings of the plan we are completely assured that the CHAMP plan is fully compliant from an IRS audit and businesses we recommend it to are held harmless since it is our EIN number behind it. The businesses we support want the best for their employees. Including the CHAMP plan as part of every proposal allows us to provide greater benefits at a more cost-effective price than our competitors.

Nation Payroll and Staffing POE

During my time as a corporate auditor representing the IRS, I saw many wellness plans that came under scrutiny because there were gaps between the design of the plan and the interpretation of the IRS rules. The CHAMP plan closed those gaps. If I were still in practice with the IRS, there would be no potential exposure as they designed their plan within the letter of the law.

IRS Corporate Auditor 1987-2019

As a publicly traded company, we face a lot of scrutiny over the benefits package we provide. Add to that our company employees over 16,000 lives the rollout process is as crucial as the savings businesses we support want the best for their employees. Including the CHAMP plan as part of every proposal allows us to provide greater benefits at a more cost-effective price than our competitors.

Publicly Trading Manufacturing Company

As a CFO, my job is to find ways to improve the bottom line of our business. When we were first introduced to the CHAMP plan, the immediate reaction was this is too good to be true. After talking with our CPAs and attorneys about the plan, they concluded that CHAMP plan was compliant on all fronts. We added the CHAMP plan to our benefit package with nearly 100% acceptance. Not only do our employees have a higher take-home pay, the bottom line of the business improved tremendously and we would highly recommend the Champion Health plan.

Chief Financial Officer 450MM Revenue Software Analytics Corporation

As a fast food chain we always had an issue offering benefits to our employees and the CHAMP plan has been the perfect fit to accomplish that. Not only does it increase their pay but it provides minimum essential coverage and useful benefits they can use as standalone and with their current plan. The rollout was seamless to all our employees and despite the initial complexities of the plan, the employee experience has been very easy for them to understand. I can honestly say our only regret was not doing it sooner as the tax benefits have been real and tremendous. Our employees have been happy with their benefit plans and the competitive rates. We were pleasantly surprised to see the renewal rates come in lower than we anticipated that shows the effectiveness of the CHAMP plan reducing the claims that hit our major medical. The CHAMP team has been great to work with and we appreciate their level of detail and expertise to help us manage our claims internally which has kept our rates down.

Jay CEO and Owner

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